The High Priestess


So, I started my Tarot Card journal with the High Priestess Card. I think this card is appropriate as I consider this a spiritual journey. I believe the cards will help me with my spirituality and aid me in my quest for inner knowledge. I am going to go through the deck, one card a day, in the hope this will help me connect to each card.
Ok, the High Priestess Card, what is happening in this card? A woman is sitting between 2 pillars, one dark and one light. She is wearing the symbols of the moon on her head, full moon and 2 crescents. She has a crescent moon at her feet. Her robes are pale blue and on her lap is a scroll, behind her is a hanging cloth covered in pomegranates. This is card number 2 of the Major Arcana.
She holds the scroll of hidden mysteries, of inner knowledge and as she reads this scroll her intuition increases, her ability to distinguish between good and bad, dark and light improves.
As she continues to learn, she will eventually have the insight to know what is hidden behind the cloth. Tranquility and calm surround her at all times.

Tarot with Victoria

The High Priestess

Giant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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