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A Very Brief History in Tarot


A Brief History in Tarot

I wrote this brief history so I could have it straight in my own mind how the Tarot Cards evolved over time….

First came the playing cards….they originated in Imperial China in the 9th century, with the first reference to cards in 868AD, written in the Collection of Miscellenea at Duyang. They gained popularity and spread throughout Asia in the 11th century. Read the rest of this entry


Daily Tarot for August 30, 2013


Love this interpretation 🙂

Dragonfly Moon Tarot



Greetings all! I hope the first week of school was successful for all!

Today our card is the King of Wands. When the court cards show up in a reading they can represent actual people or they can represent concepts, such as in this case, the masculine side of the suit. When Kings show up they are telling you to ACT as they ACT.

When the King of Rods shows up, it’s time to be bold! In love relationships, NOW is the time to make that phone call because today you will be Mr. Charisma! For entrepreneurs, NOW is a great time to make that calculated move you’ve been considering. (Notice I said “calculated”, not rash, but a clearly thought out and planned risk.)

In the Mythic Tarot, our King of Rods is represented by Greek hero and King, Theseus. Theseus was young, brave, and ambitious…

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Awaken and Live


Thanks for sharing your poem !

Creation Care, Neighbor Care, Future Care- The world through a permaculture lens

I wrote this poem to be a reminder to me to LIVE, really LIVE, here and now. To let go of anger, blame, and other impediments to healthy relationships. It was inspired by the first of the Dichotomies in the Dhammaphada though I am not a Buddhist. Death comes to all, why waste precious life energy being angry at others or in self loathing?

Do you KNOW that you WILL die?

Stop sleepwalking through LIFE!

Do you know that you will die?

Now is the time to AWAKEN and LIVE!

Do you know that you will die?

Knowing this you can REALLY LIVE!

Do you know that you will die?

Death comes to all, the paupers and the pampered


Do you know that you will die?

Find your PASSION and LIVE IT!

Do you KNOW that you WILL die?

We are all unique expressions of LIFE!


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Traditional Tarot Imagery


Basic Tarot Symbols Interpreted

Angel – represent a special message, one that is related to the card. this is a moment of divine intervention

Ankh – a common Egyptian symbol of life and immortality, “the sun will always rise”, “life goes on”

Arch – an opening or passageway to something new, a new direction you can take, initiation

Bench – take a moment to sit, ponder and examine the situation at hand, it’s always good to take a quick break and regroup Read the rest of this entry

Tarot and Basic Numerology


Tarot and Basic Numerology

Numerology can sometimes help with a tricky spread or add another dimension to a tarot reading. The Major Arcana are numbered 0- 21and the Minor Arcana 1- 10.
Numerology reduces numbers, for example The Temperance Card is 14 but in numerology it is 5 because 1+4=5, The Justice Card is 11 but in numerology it is 2 because 1+1=2.

Ones – the raw energy needed for new beginnings, potential, new ideas, clean slate, originality and development. Connected to the Magician. Read the rest of this entry