Brief Outline of the Cup Minor Arcana Cards


Cups – Relationships, Friendship and Feelings. Element: Water.

Ace of cups – New beginnings , new relationship in the works, overflow of feelings, a very positive card, something is being offered to you.
– love – beginnings – emotions –
Imagery – Still blue waters, lily pads, fluffy clouds, blue sky and overflowing cup, movement of water, a white dove, an equal length cross, a glow in the sky.
Two – Equality, a bonding of mind and body, sharing, giving and receiving in equal measure, partnerships, romance.
– equality – partnership – sharing –
Imagery – Lion, wings, male and female holding cups, calm waters, clear skies, a village or castle in the background

Three – A happy gathering of friends, a celebration of life and victory, time to improve relationships by coming together and sharing emotionally, find joy in the company of others.
– friendships – party time – tête-à-tête –
Imagery – lush green environment, trees heavy with fruit and flowers, three woman all dressed differently, from different walks of life, wreath, flowers and fruit in hair.
Four – Disillusioned, much is offered but nothing satisfies, discontented, and feeling sorrow for yourself and not allowing for the comforting help of others, it’s time to accept the hand of friendship and put your ‘woe be me’ attitude behind you.
– disillusioned – sorrowful – introspection –
Imagery – Cup being offered from disembodied hand and cloud, serene outdoor surroundings, trees and pine cones
Five – Crying over spilt milk, too concerned with the past, don’t appreciate what you have in the here and now, it’s time to let go of the past and move on, the future is good.
– regret – bitter – melancholy –
Imagery – Three cups of spilt wine, two full cups on a grassy knoll, still waters, a vine climbing up a rock, castle with bridge over water, cloak pulled up over shoulders.
Six – The simple things of childhood, childhood pleasures, going back to a simpler, happier, more innocent time, reminiscing, the love shared between siblings, someone from your past coming back into your life, spending time with old friends
– nostalgia – rediscovery – the simple pleasures –
Imagery – Old fashioned country cottage, a walled garden, six cups overflowing with flowers, two cheerful children in obvious companionship.
Seven – Contemplating your options, too many choices, not sure what you want, all the things you dreamt of but all up in the air/clouds right now, castles in the air, time to decide what you really want and stop dreaming and make it a reality, there are plenty of good things in life to choice from, don’t choose drugs or alcohol to bring short term pleasures.
– choices – opportunities – daydreams –
Imagery – Seven cups filled with your hearts desires but they are in the clouds and out of reach, the person is looking at them in contemplation.
Eight – Turning your back on something unpleasant, making a wiser choice, heading for the unknown but you have your intuition to guide you, the waters ahead are calm,you have the inner strength to move on, only you know if the grass is greener on the other side.
– Abandon – intuition – inner strength –
Imagery – Carefully stacked cups, full moon, still waters, flowing water, stars, cloak, staff, clear sky, vines climbing over cups.
Nine – Satisfaction, emotionally content, you finally got all you wished for, the answer is yes, good luck card, fulfillment and stability, sitting pretty, reaping the rewards of you labor.
– Satisfaction – stability – good-luck –
Imagery – Nine cups arranged in an orderly manner, one very contented man, a feather in his cap, beautiful robes and cloths.
Ten – Domestic bliss, fulfillment, joy and happiness surround your home and family, strong relationship, reward, completion.
– Reward – fulfillment – family comforts –
Imagery – Ten cups in the rainbow, a castle home, happy children celebrating, gently flowing waters, lush, green surroundings, with trees and flowers.

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