Day 2


Second day of my Tarot Card journal…I want to discuss the Tarot Card Decks I have chosen and why.
My primary deck is the Hanson-Roberts deck,which follows closely to the Rider-Waite but I, personally, find it a little more visually stimulating. I’m not too good with the symbolism portrayed in most decks. With the Hanson-Roberts the detailed facial expressions are easy for me to read. I see the meaning of the cards plainly in their faces. They speak to me!
My second set is The Medieval Chihuahua Deck. I actually bought them for my mom as she has two Chihuahuas and is totally in love with the breed 🙂 100% of the profits from the cards go to the Chihuahua rescue so I thought it would be the perfect gift for her haha and I’m sure it would have been if I could actually have given them to her. I took on look at them and fell in love with them, and kept them for myself. Sorry mom!


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