A Brief Outline of the Wand Minor Arcana Cards :)


Wands – Action, Energy, Career, The Games of Life, Social life. Element : Fire

Ace of Wands – Spring into life, great new beginnings, new energy, renewed courage and ready to face a new day. Could be a new job or career change, a new study course and energy abounds! Seeds of change. Lots of ambition and motivation to get started.
– energy – renewed – new opportunities –
Imagery – A wand that i covered in new green leaves and it has burst into flower, in the background is a castle on a hill, billowing clouds and the sun is rising on a new day.
Two of Wands – To know and understand your job, career. He has the world in his hands, change dreams into reality, own your own passion and dreams and make them come true, you need to believe in yourself, it is all within reach.
– potential – groundwork – foundation –
Imagery – A man looking out to sea, he has the world in his hands, he is holding his rod and looks determined, he has three feathers in his cap, he is standing on a firm foundation, clear skies ahead.
Three of Wands – Improving or creating, waiting for profits, new successes and inspirations bring profit and success, trade and bargaining on the horizon, long term plans, waiting for your ships to come in.
– achievement – partnerships – profits –
Imagery – Sunny sky, still waters, ships approaching, a sandy shore, firmly placed wands indicating that a project is well on it’s way.
Four of Wands – Work done and foundation is laid so time to take a break and celebrate and congratulate, content and reward, fulfillment of your ideas, exhilaration, taking a breather before continuing you journey.
– celebrate – congratulate – respite –
Imagery – Two females in a beautiful garden holding flowers up to heaven, wands adorned with garlands of flowers, and a beautiful home in the back grounds, a bridge over gently flowing water.
Five of Wands – Dealing with challenges and hassles, maybe confrontations at work, make or break point,conflict of ideas, no real violence but conflict of ideas, turmoil, in need of a leader to take control, and there is definite confusion, need clarity before making a decision.
– disorganization- turmoil – conflict –
Imagery – Five individuals wrestling with the wands, no real violence in the scene but turmoil and conflict, each wanting their opinion heard but no one listening.
Six of Wands – We have a victor, lead and they will follow, approval from others, emphasis on recognition and endorsement, victory by doing the right thing..maybe at work, use your energy in the right direction and it will pay off, be bold and courageous. The calm after the storm.
– recognition – endorsement – victory –
Imagery – The sun is shining brightly, a victor riding a horse, people following, the wreath of victory.
Seven of Wands – This is the card of the underdog that is not going to give up, holding your own, strength and stamina, rivalry, you do have the best ideas right now and you are willing to defend them, stay on top of things, fight your way clear and don’t give up.
– rivalry – stamina – determination –
Imagery – One man against six unknown assailants, man standing his ground and looking very determined, his feet are wide apart giving him a good base of support.
Eight of Wands – Having inner strength, the pace of change is speeding up so don’t get left behinds, movement in the right direction, progress, you’re in for a ride, making progress, swift communication.
– movement – progress – communication –
Imagery – Eight wands in motion, all heading the same way, lush herbage in the background, a meandering river or path.
Nine of Wands – On guard, watchful, defending what you have achieved, need for strength at this time, you do not trust anyone, determined in the face of adversity.
– watchful – guarding – distrust –
Imagery – A man with eight wands behind him which he is defending with the remaining wand, he facial expression is one of watchfulness, he has a bandage on his head.
Ten of Wands – Heavy burden but the end is in sight, probably feeling burnt out at this point but the pressure will soon ease, home comforts just around the corner, don’t give up now, the sun is rising on a new day. You could always ask for help with your burden, that is an option!
-burdened – responsibility – capable –
Imagery – An older man carrying a heavy burden of 10 wands, he has a slight smile on his face as he sees he is nearly home, he is heading for his castle.


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