A brief and personal view of the pentacle minor arcana cards


Pentacles – Material concerns, Finances, Health. Element : Earth

Ace of Pentacles – An opportunity fora new start/project regarding finances or health, starting to make headway with finances, gifts given and received, pennies from heaven, opportunities for tremendous growth.
– finances – gifting – opportunities –
A hand offering a coin, a bed of white lilies, and bright rays from the sun.

Two – Knowing and understanding finances and health, ability to multi-task, the juggling of money matters may be required, maintain balance in the midst of change, learn to prioritize, fluctuating.
– multitasking – balancing – adaptable –
Choppy seas containing two ships, maybe representing the subject’s worldly goods, a man juggling two things, the man is standing on firm grounds.

Three – Pride in your work or hobby, money for your talents, improving or creating, dedication, work in progress…already achieved lots but still a ways to go, recognition for skills, receiving approval.
– talents – recognition – progress –
A man about his task, already accomplished some, his work is being viewed by two men.

Four – Hanging on to your money, stable finances but money is the most important thing right now, not sharing, materialistic, a fear of loosing what you have, stagnate, if you want to move forward you need to loosen your grip on material things.
– miser – materialism – dormant –
A man with a coin on his head, one held in his hands and two under his feet, he is sitting on some kind vault, he is dressed finely and wearing a crown. there is a township in the background.

Five – Out in the cold, poverty, ignoring help, lost in your own misery… poor health/misfortune, missed opportunities, dealing with challenges regarding health or finances but there is help at hand.
– misfortune – challenges – inadequacy –
Two bedraggled souls, out in the snow, not looking at the light in the church which probably indicates help at hand.

Six – The joy in giving, philanthropist, generosity rewarded, charity, compassion, choosing between right and wrong with regards finances including paying back your debts, give what is fair and receive what is due.
– generosity – philanthropist – good-fortune –
A richly dresses man giving away coins with one hand and carrying scales in the other, two individuals receiving gifts.

Seven – Hard work, long term business plans, your direction in life, wanting to throw in the towel because hard work is hard work but stick with it and it will bring financial rewards later on, maybe time to evaluate your financial/health options.
– prudence – endurance – accumulation –
A man who is out in the fields, tired after a long days work, he is looking at his handy work.

Eight – Pleasure in your work or hobby, the more you practice…the better you will become, a quick study, busy and content, productivity with financial benefits, still developing your skills, having the inner strength in your finances and health.
– productivity – craftsmanship – continuing education –
A man inspecting his work, he has made many and has them stacked up.

Nine – Financial stability, fulfilled, harvest, rich bounty of the earth, enjoying the fruits of the earth, financially independent, you have planned well and now you have all you need, achievement.
– independent – fulfillment – success –
A woman surrounded by the fruits of the vine, a castle in the background, holding a bird on her hand, she looks contended and it dressed in fine clothes.

Ten – A financially stable family who are very content with their lot in life, security, family stability, financial success, stable times ahead for you and your.
– stability – security – health/wealth –
Multi-generational family all looking joyous and content, even the family pets are happy, financial riches abound..castle, clothing, and lots of coins.


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