A Brief Overview of Sword Minor Arcana Cards


Swords – Thoughts, Ideas, Belief Systems, Intellectual. Element : Air

Ace of Swords – Intellectual break-though, a new start or project involving your thoughts or beliefs, forward thinking and focus will lead to victory, clear headedness, strength.
– Intellect – attainment – lucid –
A sword held by a hand in the sky, bright rays of sun, a wreath of victory around the sword.

Two – Not wanting to know or understand your problems, things are at a standstill, fear of the unknown, indecision, a need for guidance at this time, use your intuition, ignorance is bliss attitude, can’t move forward until you take the blindfold off.
– stalemate – indecision – fear of unknown –
A woman sitting by the sea, blindfolded and holding two swords, she could remove the blindfold if she wished but chooses not to.

Three – Time for sorrow, betrayal, the heart heals with time, suffering of the heart, maybe a third person in the problem, loss.
– betrayal – upheaval – grief –
A heart in the sky, pierced with three swords.

Four – A time to rest and recuperate, relax and meditate, take a step back and re-evaluate before continuing on.
– recuperate – contemplate – regroup –
A man in repose, stained glass window, just sleeping, laying on a tomb.

Five – Spoiling for a fight, bullying tactics, dealing with challenges, gloating over your winning, don’t be cruel when dealing with others, a victory without peace or winning a battle unfairly, a real meanie.
– challenges – bullying – pretentious –
A victor with a very smug look on his face, two people walking away hanging their heads low. This takes place by the sea on a partially cloudy day.

Six – Moving away from strife, calm waters ahead, relief after a struggle, solace, present difficulties will end, safe passage, harmony will prevail, move away from problems.
– relief – solace – alleviation –
A row boat containing six swords moving from choppy waters to calm waters, land ahead.

Seven – Sneaky, troubled past, greed, unwise actions, trouble brewing, mentally creating your own problems, an underhanded action, warning card…stop, look and listen.
– sneaky – evasive – dubious –
A man appears to be taking something that is not his, storm clouds are brewing on the horizon, leaving behind a colorful camp.

Eight – Creating your own prison, self imposed restrictions, inability to see the truth, feeling trapped in a situation but it is easy to set yourself free, desolation.
– desolation – trapped – restrictions –
A woman loosely bound, standing in partially damp ground, blindfolded. A castle on the hill in the background.

Nine – Overwhelmed, depressed, suffering, the darkest hour before dawn, regrets coming home to roost, loosing sleep due to worry, crisis period, waking up in fear.
– regret – suffering – overwhelmed –
A woman sat up in bed, hand to forehead, head hanging low, with nine swords hanging over her bed ominously.

Ten – It’s finally over, resistance is futile, end of cycle with brighter things ahead, the situation is dead, a new day dawning, an end to something with major changes on the way, stabbed in the back.
– closure – endings – betrayal –
A figure laying faced down with ten swords in his back, dark skies but the sun is rising on another day.


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