A Brief Outline of The Court Cards – Knights


The Court Cards – Knights

These cards depict people and personalities, not the whole personality but a part of it or a characteristic. The card almost always represents the querent unless the card shows up in the “situation” position or the “external influences” position. If the Court Card is in the “situation” position it may represent the personality of the situation, in the “external” position it maybe someone close to the querent who is influencing the current issue. Otherwise, when a court card shows up in a reading presume it is a character trait of the querent’s personality that is of prime concern in their situation/question.

The Court Cards may correlate to the 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Personality Trait Indicator (MBTI) and here are some links if anyone wants to check it out.. Myers-Briggs Personality Pathways

Knights – The Knight is moving ahead, he has already started acting, he is very action orientated and is focused on keeping the journey going wherever that journey may take him. The Knights are slightly more mature, mentally, than the Pages. They have gained more experience with time but they still have a ways to go before they develop full maturity. He thinks he is a revolutionist and has an excess of feelings and behavior which can be both bad and good depending on the situation. The Knight is ambitious to a fault, he sets his mind on something and charges ‘full steam ahead’, sometimes heading down the wrong path or knocking people over on the way.

Knight of Cups – This knight is calm and peaceful, he is ruled by his heart, he can be persuasive and he appears to be on a quest, maybe an emotional journey, he is a romantic dreamer, the knight in shining armor, he has a great understanding of human needs.
– persuasive – soul searching – charismatic –
A white Knight sat on a white horse, the horse is walking along at a steady pace, the Knight is holding the cup in his right hand and his helmet has wings, there is a peaceful river meandering in the background.

Knight of Pentacles – Responsibly and concern, he will finish what he starts, husbandry, he is a nurturing Knight who will show us the way to prosperity, he will take his time and do a good job, he loves animals and enjoys helping others get ahead, trustworthy, easy going and compassionate.
– compassionate – husbandry – nurturing –
This Knight is sat on a black draft horse, the horse is stationary, the horse and rider are decorated with sprigs of leaves, they are looking out over a ploughed field, the pentacle is in the right hand.

Knight of Swords – Defiant, opinionated, hasty, ready for conflict, cuts to the chase, represents urgency, willing to defend the underdog, ‘forewarned is forearmed’, neither good nor bad but honest on the quest for truth.
– opinionated – urgency – defend –
The Knight is on a white horse that appears to be charging into battle, his sword is held high by his right hand, he is on a mission.

Knight of Wands – Charging forward on an adventure, the pursuit of an idea, impulsive, ready to explore, growth and enterprise, strong and always enthusiastic, taking action where others would not.
– enterprise – enthusiasm – champion –
On a brown horse that has made an abrupt start, charging ahead, wand in right hand, salamanders on tunic.


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