A Brief Outline on The Court Cards – Kings


The Court Cards – Kings

These cards depict people and personalities, not the whole personality but a part of it or a characteristic. The card almost always represents the querent unless the card shows up in the “situation” position or the “external influences” position. If the Court Card is in the “situation” position it may represent the personality of the situation, in the “external” position it maybe someone close to the querent who is influencing the current issue. Otherwise, when a court card shows up in a reading presume it is a character trait of the querent’s personality that is of prime concern in their situation/question.

The Court Cards may correlate to the 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Personality Trait Indicator (MBTI) and here are some links if anyone wants to check it out.. Myers-Briggs Personality Pathways

Kings – A father image, one with experience and wisdom, able to master a situation. He is considered the most mature of the court cards, he represents the fully developed personality of each suits. He has full control over the feelings , emotions, thoughts and actions that form parts of his personality. They are stable and solid, the most ideal partner. Kings represent a dominant masculine energy. Kings like to appear as the provider, taking responsibility for others. They signify the growth and maturity of an idea or concept through to completion. Pages conceive ideas, Knights act upon them, Queens nurture the idea and Kings develop those ideas to a well-established state.

The King of Cups – Kindness, peaceful, content, compassion, in control of emotions, very sensitive to others, a very family oriented individual, he is a man of devotion, humanitarian.
– devotion – kindness – sensitive –
A peaceful looking King, sat on a throne in a turbulent ocean, cup in right hand, a fish is jumping out the ocean and a ship is sailing.

The King of Pentacles – Very good in business and able to give excellent financial advice, stable and not afraid of hard work, healthy, steadfast, prosperous and benevolent, easy going, friendly, generous, thoughtful, industrious.
– steadfast – lucrative – benevolent –
Sat on a throne covered in mountain goats, he is surrounded by herbage and vines, there is a castle in the background, pentacle in left hand, his robe is covered in vines.

The King of Swords – Intellectual power and curiosity, spiritually enlightened, can give good advice within his element, needs new and exciting ways to stimulate the mind, he always knows the crux of the matter, rational, just and honorable, has a good memory, a good debater.
– intelligent – rational – enlightened –
Sat on a throne designed with butterflies, blue robe, purple cape, on a grassy knoll, sword right hand, pointing upwards, blue sky, fluffy clouds.

The King of Wands – He has a goal, planning next move, always moves forward despite any obstacles, a capable leader who loves the outdoors and sports, adores plants, animals and kids, he is enthusiastic for life, optimistic, confident that he can do what ever his heart desires, proud, eager to help.
– enthusiastic- optimistic- entrepreneur –
Wearing a crown of gold flames, sat on throne of salamanders and lions, wand in right hand, robe of orange, cape covered in salamanders.


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