Brief Outline of the Court Cards – Queens


The Court Cards – Queens

These cards depict people and personalities, not the whole personality but a part of it or a characteristic. The card almost always represents the querent unless the card shows up in the “situation” position or the “external influences” position. If the Court Card is in the “situation” position it may represent the personality of the situation, in the “external” position it maybe someone close to the querent who is influencing the current issue. Otherwise, when a court card shows up in a reading presume it is a character trait of the querent’s personality that is of prime concern in their situation/question.

The Court Cards may correlate to the 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Personality Trait Indicator (MBTI) and here are some links if anyone wants to check it out.. Myers-Briggs Personality Pathways

Queens – The Queen is able to do or take care of.., this is someone who has matured and has a deeper understanding of herself and others. She imbues the feminine energies of nurturing and caring. She allows for a sustainable lifestyle by providing nourishment and provisions that will keep her ideas and projects going. Her methods involve the gentle powers of persuasion, she uses subtle influences without being domineering. Creativities and ideas are now coming into actualization. Queens can be seen as the most powerful as they influence without anyone really knowing.

The Queen of Cup – A loving family type of person that nurtures and protects her family. She gives excellent advice and is a true friend. This Queen drinks deeply from the cup of life. She relies on intuition and emotion rather than intelligence. A caregiving type of person, for example a nurse.
– nurturing – intuition – protecting –
She is sat on a throne by the sea, she is holding a cup and looking into it intently, childlike mermaids adorn her throne and there are beach pebbles at her feet, the sky is clear.

The Queen of Pentacles – This Earthy Queen likes hard work, she is bountiful,fertile, healthy and enjoys abundance in all areas of her life. She is creative and has good financial and business sense. She always fulfills her responsibilities and enjoys all of her creature comforts. Mother Earth.
– bountiful – healthy – duty-bound –
She is sat on a throne with cherubs and pears and a ram as artwork, she is holding the pentacle on her lap and her eyes are cast towards it. The land around her is lush and fertile, full of flowers. A rabbit is about to run by in the foreground.

The Queen of Swords – This queen has a sharp mind and is a analytic thinker, uses her mind rather than her heart. She will not be fooled! She often appears aloof and always keeps her emotions in check, a keen observer of people, good listener, organized, always thoughtful, may have experienced hardships but bears her sorrow well.
– thoughtful – analytical – intelligent –
Sat on throne with sword in right hand, sword is pointing upwards, blue sky, white billowing clouds, butterflies and cherub adorn the throne, her cape is covered in clouds, her robe is white.

The Queen of Wands – Kind to animals and children, exuberant, outgoing, she has a lot of energy, she has no fear, she will dive right in and take over or do a job, she can be passionate and aggressive, champions those she loves, ambitious, determined, agreeable and strong.
– exuberant – passionate – determined –
Sat on a yellow throne of sunflowers and lions, she has the wand in her right hand and a sunflower in her left, her robe is yellow and there is a black kitty are her feet.


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