Brief Outline on Court Cards – Pages


The Court Cards – Pages

These cards depict people and personalities, not the whole personality but a part of it or a characteristic. The card almost always represents the querent unless the card shows up in the “situation” position or the “external influences” position. If the Court Card is in the “situation” position it may represent the personality of the situation, in the “external” position it maybe someone close to the querent who is influencing the current issue. Otherwise, when a court card shows up in a reading presume it is a character trait of the querent’s personality that is of prime concern in their situation/question.

The Court Cards may correlate to the 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Personality Trait Indicator (MBTI) and here are some links if anyone wants to check it out.. Myers-Briggs Personality Pathways

Pages – Are on the cusp of a new beginning, the new beginning will depend on the suit and the corresponding element and other facets. They are energetic with a driven personality, clever, witty and good at communicating. May indicate a student, someone who is young at heart or is discovering a new aspect of themselves or is ready to start on a new adventure (regardless of their actual age). Pages are often seen as messengers bringing an invitation of a new opportunity, their message is “go for it”! They are receptive and open to learning, willing to try new things but they have an immaturity and naivety about them

Page of Cups – Surprise, unexpected news of a positive nature, spontaneous, will speak their mind, maybe the start of a new relationship, someone loving and thoughtful bringing joy and happiness.
– creative – good news – sensitive –
Page holding a cup, a fish pops up and communicates with him, he is on firm ground and the sea is in the background, skies are clear.

Page of Pentacles – contemplating future career, thirst for knowledge, in initial stage, the scholar, loves to learn practical things, he is generous and studies everything before making a decision, not ready to take the lead, much to learn, ambitious for success and willing to work for it.
– career – knowledge – scholar –
Page is stood in a grassy, flower spot, with trees and hills in the background, he is holding a pentacle at eye level.

Page of Swords – Alert and ready for action, zealous, very vigilant, intelligent and a quick thinker in an emergency, pay attention and take a closer look because everything might not be as it seems, courage maybe be needed for a problem at hand, could also mean some disappointing news, a troubled teen.
– vigilant – zealous – seek truth –
The page is stood on a grassy knoll with the wind blowing through his hair, he is poised for action.

Page of Wands – Eager, free spirit, make your voice heard, happy and optimistic, excitement and lots of energy, good indicate good news, charismatic, strong, dynamic and truthful, wayfarer.
– energizing – optimistic – truthful –
The page is standing looking towards the right, towards the future, he is holding the wand that has young sprouting leaves growing, his tunic is covered in a salamander design.


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