Tarot and Basic Numerology


Tarot and Basic Numerology

Numerology can sometimes help with a tricky spread or add another dimension to a tarot reading. The Major Arcana are numbered 0- 21and the Minor Arcana 1- 10.
Numerology reduces numbers, for example The Temperance Card is 14 but in numerology it is 5 because 1+4=5, The Justice Card is 11 but in numerology it is 2 because 1+1=2.

Ones – the raw energy needed for new beginnings, potential, new ideas, clean slate, originality and development. Connected to the Magician.

Twos – peacemaking, balance, deeper knowledge required…choices and reflection, a waiting period, partnership. Connected to the High Priestess.

Threes – group cooperation, delays while making improvements, growth, creating, friendship and pleasure. Connected to the Empress.

Fours – planning and taking form, foundation, concentration and manifestation, stability, dedication and follow through. Connected to the Emperor.

Fives – instability, a need for order, challenges, a need to be more flexible, time for change, learning to adapt. Connected to the Hierophant.

Sixes – the calm after the storm, morality,time to choose between right and wrong and make adjustments, ability to overcome difficulties. Connected to the Lovers.

Sevens – analyze options and reflect on different paths, investigation, discovery, research and solitude, faith and spirituality. Connected to the Chariot.

Eights – inner strength and hard work, movement, manifestation, capability, efficiency, a change in direction. Connected to the Strength card.

Nines – independent, solitude, fulfillment, having wisdom and guidance, attainment, benevolent. Connected to the Hermit.

Tens – completion, abundance, end of a cycle with new starts, karma, transformation and rebirth. Connected to the Wheel of Fortune.


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