Traditional Tarot Imagery


Basic Tarot Symbols Interpreted

Angel – represent a special message, one that is related to the card. this is a moment of divine intervention

Ankh – a common Egyptian symbol of life and immortality, “the sun will always rise”, “life goes on”

Arch – an opening or passageway to something new, a new direction you can take, initiation

Bench – take a moment to sit, ponder and examine the situation at hand, it’s always good to take a quick break and regroup

Blind Fold – inability to see things clearly, unwilling to face the truth, in denial, at the very least you need to be honest with yourself

Brick Wall/ Wall – keeping one area of your life separate from another, compartmentalizing……which can be either good or bad

Bull – power, loyalty, stability, force and potency, and on the downside the bull can represent stubbornness and resistance to change

Butterfly – indicates a transformation, maybe a change of thought or direction, a need to transform to reach your ultimate goal or your higher self

Castle – symbolize stability and accumulation of material possessions, it’s your reward at the end of the day. For the castle to exist you needed a strong foundation and the time and energy to build

Cat – cats are sneaky, be aware of all sides of the story related to your reading, be watchful and aware at all times

Chains – self imposed restrictions, a slave to your own thoughts or to ourselves, an addiction of any kind

Children – promise. hope, a fresh way to look at the world, innocence, the simple pleasures in life, family life, the presence of children in your life

Cities/ Villages – these are usually in the background, may symbolize a need for a group effort, protection in numbers

Clouds – represent our higher thoughts, storm clouds give a feeling of oppression but there is always a silver lining

Crown – attainment, victory, and maybe public recognition of something mundane

Cups – symbolic of emotions, love and connection, creativity and the pleasures in life

Dogs – definitely man’s best friend and can represent a loyal friend, a helper or close companion….human or otherwise

Dove – indicating hope of things to come, purity of heart, your aspirations and ascension to a higher level of consciousness, and a power symbol of love

Fire – can be both creative and destructive, first it will destroy and then allow for new growth, “out with the old and in with the new”

Fish – represents an idea or thought that often comes from the realms of out own subconscious

Flag – an announcement to the world of a change that has occurred, a public declaration of who and what you are

Flowers – flowers are a wonderful symbol of the natural beauty in the world which brings joy to all who see, open up to the joy of love and compassion

Fruit/ Grapes – representative of fertility and abundance, “the fruits of your labor”

Gardens – a safe and private place, your personal space, represents cultivation, growth and beauty

Globe – this symbolizes totality, you are understanding the bigger picture that is related to the reading, success is promised

Hand – right hand represents the conscious mind and masculine energy, the left hand represents the subconscious mind and female energy, hands also remind us that we can give and receive

Ice – indicates a feeling of separation at this time, dealing with isolation, distance and waiting and patience

Keys – keys allow access to private and protected areas, places that are otherwise hidden, indicate protection and can allow for freedom and liberation

Lanterns/ Light – used to light our way through the dark and unknown , a symbol of spiritual and mental clarity and a search for truth

Lightning – instant and divine intervention, can be symbolic of a flash of inspiration, an epiphany

Lily – an indication of purity, innocence and vulnerability, and the freedom to be ourselves

Lion – represents pride, strength, courage and protection, it makes us aware of the animalistic side of ourselves

Moon – the moon is a feminine astrological symbol, it represents the subconscious mind and our need to listen to what our intuition is telling us, there is always a side of the moon that we will never see

Mountains – represent the challenges in our lives, some are harder and higher than others, remember the greater the challenge the greater the reward

Paths – paths lead us along our journey in life and all we can do is take one step at a time until we reach our journeys end

Pillars – are about balance and choosing the middle ground, a time to consider diplomacy and tact

Plowed fields – “As we sow, so shall we reap”

Pomegranates – symbolic of the feminine Divine, female fertility, our inner Goddess, and also abundance

Rain – represents a much needed cleansing, washing away the dirt that has accumulated over time

Rainbow – a beautiful symbol of light and color, offering an arch of protection, brings a feeling of happiness and wellbeing

Scales – indicates a need for balanced judgement, the pros and cons must be weighed and a decision made, when the scales are tipped more to one side we need to take the appropriate corrective action to restore balance

Snail – carry their homes on their backs so very self contained, success comes at a snails pace

Snakes – they shed their skins during every growth period, they are cold blooded and depend on their environment for warmth and indicates a need to adjust, as best we can, to the given environment/circumstances

Snow – “out in the cold”, exposure to harsh environment

Sphinx – are guardians protecting the secrets of life, only those that can answer their riddle can enter in, use your senses to determine what is holding you back

Streams/ Rivers – a flowing of our conscious awareness, we have in our mind what is needed to be aware and fully conscious of what is happening right now

Thrones – represent maturity and authority over a given realm

Water/ Waterfalls – indicate our emotions and subconscious

Wreath – is a symbol of earned victory and accomplishments and is worn with pride


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