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The Court Cards Revisited


I have the hardest time with the Court Cards, so I keep reviewing and revisiting them.

The four most commonly used Court Cards are The King, The Queen, The Knight and The Page. These cards usually represent real personalities and may show a particular character trait within a person, a trait that is relevant at the time of the reading.

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Carl Jung and Tarot


Interesting 🙂

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Although many tarot practitioners apply a Jungian psychological approach to their tarot work, there’s been a question as to whether Jung himself knew anything about tarot. In fact he did, and he would have liked to explore it more deeply but for a lack of hours in the day. Here are some of his references to the cards, although his tarot knowledge, especially of its history, was sorely lacking. Update: I’ve added brief notes by Jung on the Major Arcana here, and on “clouds of cognition” at the end of this article. carljung1.jpg

On 16 September 1930, Jung wrote to a Mrs. Eckstein:

“Yes, I know of the Tarot. It is, as far as I know, the pack of cards originally used by the Spanish gypsies, the oldest cards historically known. They are still used for divinatory purposes.”

[Jung was not always right: Current historical research does not support…

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