The Court Cards Revisited


I have the hardest time with the Court Cards, so I keep reviewing and revisiting them.

The four most commonly used Court Cards are The King, The Queen, The Knight and The Page. These cards usually represent real personalities and may show a particular character trait within a person, a trait that is relevant at the time of the reading.

Each of the four suits has the four Court Cards, so in a Tarot Deck there are a total of 16 Court Cards. The personalities of the Courts varies according to the different suits, the Courts take on the characteristics, activities and qualities of the particular suit.

Let’s start with the Kings: In general the Kings are mature, masculine and are usually leaders in there field. The King of Pentacles can indicate a successful business man, he is steady and supporting and maybe a little stubborn. The King of Wands can be creative, hard working, inspiring and usually charismatic…a true leader. The King of Cups is usually a good listener, he is peaceful and tolerant, always a diplomat and very wise. The King of Swords is a great judge, he is analytic, intelligent, articulate and ethical at all times.

Next is The Queens: Generally, Queens are feminine and mature, bound by relationships, feelings and self expression. The Queen of Pentacles is usually a creative with an abundance of talents, she is nurturing, trustworthy and very “down to earth”. The Queen of Wands is generally a cheerful, goal orientated person, who is energetic and self assured. The Queen of Cups is a tenderhearted ruler, loving and spiritual and intuitive. The Queen of Swords is very astute and forthright, she has a lot of experience and can actually be witty on occasion.

Now for The Knights: The Knight is a leader, but at this time he is still immature and has things to learn. He is devoted to the King and Queen and is more concerned with others than himself. The Knight of Pentacles is usually unwavering and hardworking, his one aim is to succeed but he will be cautious in all he does. The Knight of Wands can be an adventurous and passionate person and is the most courageous of Knights. The Knight of Cups is a young romantic, he is a calm and peaceful hero, sensitive and introspective. The Knight of Swords is totally fearless and confident, he is direct and knowledgeable.

Last but not least, The Pages: The Pages are playful, curious children who are seeking experience, they can appear as messengers. The Page of Pentacles is the most responsible of the Pages, he finds opportunity for success and is the ideal student, ambitious and committed. The Page of Wands is a free spirited and adventurous youth who has an endless source of new ideas. The Page of Cups is an innocent, gentle and sensitive youth, a bit of a dreamer, the artistic type. The Page of Swords is very observant, quick witted and intelligent but can be quite defiant and rebellious at times.

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