Aspects of the Wand Cards – Embrace the Fire!


Wands (Rods, Staffs, Staves, Clubs) represent the Element Fire. Fire is a process that brings about change and transformation. Fire maybe be controlled, as when contained in a campfire or uncontrolled like a wildfire. The Element of Fire represents the Fire Signs of Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. Being a Sagittarius, myself, I feel the fire burning in my soul and so can relate closely to this Element and the Wand Cards!

Wands rule over dynamic energy, inspiration, passion and spirituality. They reveal how we can use are willpower, leadership skills and creativity to bring about change to fulfill our dreams and goals. They also show us how we can overcome challenges and how we might bring about transformation within ourselves in order to fulfill our purpose in life. Wands are about our day to day living, things that keep us busy, our work and projects. The Cards tell us to be creative, inspiring and spontaneous and not to be afraid to take a risk!

The Aces of Wands embodies the spark of Fire and life energy that sets alight our potential, they are an offering of pure Elemental energy. The Minor Arcana or Pip Cards 2-10 represent situations and events mostly, more than personality. The Courts cards represents personalities and people unless in the situation position. The people represented by The Wand Court Cards are strong willed and determined and courageous , they will take the initiative and go after what they want in life. They tend to be more passionate than practical.

If you have predominantly Wand Cards in a particular reading, then the Cards are hinting that you need to embrace the Fire and be more creative, ambitious and action oriented.

Positive Characteristics of Wands/Element of Fire :
Initiative, courage, leadership, energy, creativity, enthusiasm, independent, confident, successful, powerful, innovation, zest of life, overcome challenges, optimism and charisma.

Negative Characteristics of Wands/Element of Fire :
Easily bored, intolerant, selfish, impulsive, impatient, rash, ruthless, inadequate planning, egotistical.


About victoria303

I started this blog as my Tarot Card Journal. I'm going to explore Tarot as a Life me guidance through my life, leading me down the correct path. I feel a strong connection between the Tarot Cards and the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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