The 3 Principals behind the Success of any Visualisation

To start with, let me give you a few example that demonstrate the power of visualisations and how visualisations they can be successfully applied:

During my NLP training (neuro-linguistic programming), we were told of a study, where a football team was divided for one week of training. One half trained on the field, the other half spend the same amount of time in a room, visualising the training and visualising kicking goals. They never had to overcome their physical limitations and because of that, strengthened their belief in their own ability to win.

At the end of the week, the teams came back together to play a game. Can you imagine who won? Yes, it was the team that visualised their training instead of physically going through it.

Football player Wayne Rooney reveals visualisations form important part of his preparation. Since being a very young player he lies in bed the night before the game and visualises game patterns and sees himself scoring goals and doing well to enhance his performance. “You’re trying to put yourself in that moment and trying to prepare yourself, to have a ‘memory’ before the game. I don’t know if you’d call it visualising or dreaming, but I’ve always done it, my whole life.”

So how to do visualisations successfully?

1. Get into an alpha brain-wave state
2. Create a story that is interesting and powerful to your mind
3. Feel the feelings


What is an Alpha State?

Our everyday brain waves are beta-waves associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. Bur also the inner critic, stress and fear.
In the Alpha state, brain waves slow down from 14+Hz to 7.5-14Hz. It creates the optimal conditions to program your mind for success. It also heightens your ability to learn and concentrate and is the opening to your subconscious mind. All the work done during consultations when you are in a relaxed state, is done in the Alpha State.

Theta and Delta brain states are even slower. Theta is present during light sleep and deep meditation, Delta during deep sleep. It is also the doorway to the universal mind and oneness.

How to get into the Alpha State:

– Consciously slow down your breathing
– Relax your mind, drain all thinking out of your body into the earth, or back to Source
– Relax your body and allowing it to get very heavy and still.


Your visualisation will only be powerful if you can identify with character and associate into the story.
– There always has to be a cause and effect.
– There has to be a time frame with beginning middle and end, because the human mind attaches to linearity and story.
– If there is no story and the emotions are just abstract, the human brain will not feel it’s believable.

So for example:
Instead of visualising: “I am empowered, I am calm, I am strong”, put yourself into a scenario where you display those emotions and feelings.

In the opening example of the football player, he visualised the ball coming at him (beginning), marking the ball (middle) and kicking the ball into the goal (end result).

Or in a tennis match: the ball coming towards you over the net (beginning), you striking the ball crisply and cleanly (middle), the ball going back over the net and landing as a winner (end result).


No good story, no alpha state alone, can reprogram your mind. Unless you feel the emotions and fully associate into the situation, you are not changing anything. So be sure to really connect emotionally to the story, the scenario you desire to create and avoid just doing it in your head. Feel how you desire to feel in that scenario. Blow up the feelings to their maximum. The stronger you get into the state of being you desire, the more effective your programing work.


There are various scenarios that you may wish to visualise. I have used visualisations effectively to overcome stage-fright and nervousness before an important public speaking engagement.
If, like me, you are preparing for a situation that you are nervous about, visualise it exactly how you would like it to go. Visualise yourself walking in there with confidence, radiance and charisma (beginning). Visualise yourself interaction in the situation in the way you like (middle) and visualise the people responding to you with enthusiasm and love (ending). Be specific and clear.

During my 1:1 consultations, we often use visualisations to change past events so that you can be empowered and unattached in whatever traumatic scenario you have gone through. In the chakra visualisations, I have done the work for you to assist you to recalibrate, open and harmonise your chakras for greater energy, joy and vitality in your life.

If you wish to repost this article, feel free to do so. Just be sure to include the following paragraph:

About the Author: Krystal Alexander-Hille is the founder and transformational mentor at Goddess Reawakening. Assisting her clients to tap into past-lives to dissolve blockages that prevent them from living their full purpose in their true Goddess state of love. She has created various online programs and is the author of ‘IN THE WOMB OF THE GODDESS – A pregnancy companion towards blissful birth’. Contact her through:


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