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Tarot Readings For Your Pets – Sign up, it’s FREE!


So….I enjoy doing Tarot Readings for my little furry, and not so furry haha, friends. Anyone who has read my bio page will know that I enjoy the company of numerous animals in my life. My favorite book, as a child, was ‘My Family and Other Animals’ by Gerald Durrell. Doing Tarot Readings for my pets has been very rewarding for me, and has given me a lot of insight into their true personalities and has helped me figure out what they most want from ME. It has greatly improved my relationship with them!

Now I want to expand and do readings for your pets!!! And it’s FREE!!! It’s an experiment of course ­čÖé I want to see if I can read for other people’s pets. Please send me a pic of your best friend and let me do a Reading. Then, give me your feedback as to whether it was any use to you and your Animal….I need to practice so don’t be shy.

However, this is only a one way thing, as much as I try I cannot impose my thoughts on them lol.

The Reading will consist of four cards :

1. What my pet is feeling, at this time.
2. What my pet is trying to tell me.
3. What my pet most want from ME.
4. What is the number one thing I can do to make my pet’s life more comfortable.

The Tarot Deck that I use for such Readings is the Medieval Chihuahua Deck, available at with 100% of the proceeds, from any purchase you make, going to animal rescues and shelters.

Please email me at and help me gain experience in this field. Thank-you and Namaste ­čÖé