Complete the Sentences, Know the Card


Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways

Looking for a way into some richer meaning from a tarot card (or other symbolic tool)?  Prop the card in front of you, take out your notebook and complete these three open sentences:

  1. A person who is living this card is experiencing a process of…
  2. As a person experiences this process, s/he feels…
  3. A person who is experiencing this process and these feelings could be called…

What do you now know about the card that is different than when you began?

This activity can work for people who are creating their own tarot decks, too.  After completing the above sentences, continue with this one:

  • Such a person or process would be in a setting such as…

Then sketch the setting and the person having the experience.

Let me know how this works for you.  Cheers!

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About victoria303

I started this blog as my Tarot Card Journal. I'm going to explore Tarot as a Life me guidance through my life, leading me down the correct path. I feel a strong connection between the Tarot Cards and the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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