The Court Cards

These cards depict people and personalities, not the whole personality but a part of it or a characteristic. The card almost always represents the querent unless the card shows up in the “situation” position or the “external influences” position. If the Court Card is in the “situation” position it may represent the personality of the situation, in the “external” position it maybe someone close to the querent who is influencing the current issue. Otherwise, when a court card shows up in a reading presume it is a character trait of the querent’s personality that is of prime concern in their situation/question.

The Court Cards may correlate to the 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Personality Trait Indicator (MBTI).


Are on the cusp of a new beginning, the new beginning will depend on the suit and the corresponding element and other facets. They are energetic with a driven personality, clever, witty and good at communicating. May indicate a student, someone who is young at heart or is discovering a new aspect of themselves or is ready to start on a new adventure (regardless of their actual age). Pages are often seen as messengers bringing an invitation of a new opportunity, their message is “go for it”! They are receptive and open to learning, willing to try new things but they have an immaturity and naivety about them

Page of Cups –   Surprise, unexpected news of a positive nature, spontaneous, this person will speak their mind, maybe the start of a new relationship, someone loving and thoughtful who will bring joy and happiness.

– creative – good news – sensitive –

Imagery – The Page of Cups, like the Pages in all the suits, represents some sort of beginning, a fresh start. The Page of Cups is dressed in a blue tunic of floral print and wearing a blue bohemian style hat with a long, flowing scarf attached to it. The young man stands alone on the seashore with a single golden cup in his right hand. Surprisingly, a fish pops it’s head out of the cup and appears to be speaking to the Page. The Page of Cups indicates the surprising and unexpected nature of inspiration that can come from an unforeseen event.

Page of Pentacles –  Contemplating future career, thirst for knowledge, something is in initial stage, the scholar, loves to learn practical things, he is generous and studies everything before making a decision, not ready to take the lead, much to learn, ambitious for success and willing to work for it.

– career – knowledge – scholar –

Imagery – The Page of Pentacles Card depicts a young man, standing alone on a grassy knoll surrounded by beautiful, blossoming wildflowers. Behind him in the distance, to his right, is a copse of lush trees. To his left lies a newly ploughed field suggesting “you reap what you sow”. But the Page is unaware of anything around him other than the golden coin in his hands, which he is examining at eye level. The sky is a bright yellow and there are mountains in the distance.

Page of Swords –   Alert and ready for action, zealous, very vigilant, intelligent and a quick thinker in an emergency, pay attention and take a closer look because everything might not be as it seems, courage maybe be needed for a problem at hand, could also mean some disappointing news, a troubled teen.

– vigilant – zealous – seek truth –

Imagery – The page of Swords is stood on a grassy knoll with the wind blowing through his hair, he is poised for action with his sword held high. Clouds are billowing in the blue sky.

Page of Wands –   Eager, free spirit, make your voice heard, happy and optimistic, excitement and lots of energy, good indicate good news, charismatic, strong, dynamic and truthful, wayfarer.

– energizing – optimistic – truthful –

Imagery -This young page is standing looking towards the right, towards the future, he is holding the wand that is sprouting new leaves. His tunic is covered in a salamander design and is mostly yellow and orange. The Page is stood in a barren desert landscape.

The Knight is moving ahead, he has already started acting, he is very action orientated and is focused on keeping the journey going wherever that journey may take him. The Knights are slightly more mature, mentally, than the Pages. They have gained more experience with time but they still have a ways to go before they develop full maturity. He thinks he is a revolutionist and has an excess of feelings and behavior which can be both bad and good depending on the situation. The Knight is ambitious to a fault, he sets his mind on something and charges ‘full steam ahead’, sometimes heading down the wrong path or knocking people over on the way.

Knight of Cups –   This knight is calm and peaceful, he is ruled by his heart, he can be persuasive and he appears to be on a quest, maybe an emotional journey, he is a romantic dreamer, the knight in shining armor, he has a great understanding of human needs.

– persuasive – soul searching – charismatic –

Imagery – A white Knight sat on a white horse, the horse is walking along at a steady pace, the Knight is holding the cup in his right hand and his helmet has wings, there is a peaceful river meandering in the background.

Knight of Pentacles –   Responsibly and concern, he will finish what he starts, husbandry, he is a nurturing Knight who will show us the way to prosperity, he will take his time and do a good job, he loves animals and enjoys helping others get ahead, trustworthy, easy going and compassionate.

– compassionate – husbandry – nurturing –

Imagery – The Knight of Pentacles, like the Knights of the other suits, represents work, effort, and responsibility. The Knight of Pentacles sits upon a beautiful, black draft horse. He is surrounded by fields, including a ploughed field that runs the length of the card. In his right hand he carries a single gold pentacle. The horse is stationary and the horse and rider are decorated with sprigs of leaves and herbage. This Knight is building the foundations to support his dreams and his goals.

Knight of Swords –  Defiant, opinionated, hasty, ready for conflict, cuts to the chase, represents urgency, willing to defend the underdog, ‘forewarned is forearmed’, neither good nor bad but honest on the quest for truth.

– opinionated – urgency – defend –

Imagery – The Knight is on a white horse that appears to be charging into battle, his sword is held high by his right hand, he is on a mission.

Knight of Wands –   Charging forward on an adventure, the pursuit of an idea, impulsive, ready to explore, growth and enterprise, strong and always enthusiastic, taking action where others would not.

– enterprise – enthusiasm – champion –

Imagery – The Knight of Wands is riding on a beautiful brown horse, that is rearing up and ready to go charging ahead. The Knight is carrying a wand in his right hand, the wand is sprouting new, green leaves. The Knight is wearing metal armor and a yellow tunic decorated with salamanders. In the background is the barren, desert sand. This Knight appears to be off on a quest and bears the countenance of one bound for success.


The Queen is able to do or take care of.., this is someone who has matured and has a deeper understanding of herself and others. She imbues the feminine energies of nurturing and caring. She allows for a sustainable lifestyle by providing nourishment and provisions that will keep her ideas and projects going. Her methods involve the gentle powers of persuasion, she uses subtle influences without being domineering. Creativities and ideas are now coming into actualization. Queens can be seen as the most powerful as they influence without anyone really knowing.

The Queen of Cup –   A loving family type of person that nurtures and protects her family. She gives excellent advice and is a true friend. This Queen drinks deeply from the cup of life. She relies on intuition and emotion rather than intelligence. A caregiving type of person, for example a nurse.

– nurturing – intuition – protecting –

Imagery – The Queen of Cups is the Queen of emotions. She is a beautiful, introspective woman who sits on a stone throne by the edge of the sea. In her hands, she holds a beautiful cup, the cup is more of a closed, golden chalice. She is wearing a golden crown and a silver robe, she is alone, sitting and staring intently at this cup. The throne is decorated with images of sea-nymphs, fish, and scallop shells. There is a cloudless blue sky and a placid sea. Her feet do not touch the water but gently rest on beautiful sea pebbles.

The Queen of Pentacles –   This Earthy Queen likes hard work, she is bountiful,fertile, healthy and enjoys abundance in all areas of her life. She is creative and has good financial and business sense. She always fulfills her responsibilities and enjoys all of her creature comforts. Mother Earth.

– bountiful – healthy – duty-bound –

Imagery – She is sat on a throne with cherubs and pears and a ram as artwork, she is holding the pentacle on her lap and her eyes are cast towards it. The land around her is lush and fertile, full of flowers. A rabbit is about to run by in the foreground.

The Queen of Swords –   This queen has a sharp mind and is a analytic thinker, uses her mind rather than her heart. She will not be fooled! She often appears aloof and always keeps her emotions in check, a keen observer of people, good listener, organized, always thoughtful, may have experienced hardships but bears her sorrow well.

– thoughtful – analytical – intelligent –

Imagery – The Queen of Swords is sat high on her throne, which is decorated with a cherub and several butterflies. The Queen has a sword in her right hand, the sword is pointing upwards towards a clear blue sky, and her left hand is held in supplication. There are white billowing clouds on the horizon. Her cape is covered in clouds and her robe is white. Behind her, in the distance, is flowing water and a couple of wind swept trees.

The Queen of Wands –  Kind to animals and children, exuberant, outgoing, she has a lot of energy, she has no fear, she will dive right in and take over or do a job, she can be passionate and aggressive, champions those she loves, ambitious, determined, agreeable and strong.

– exuberant – passionate – determined –

Imagery -This is a wonderfully cheerful card. A card that is mostly colored yellow…the color of sunshine. The Queen of Wands is sat on a yellow throne, decorated with drawings of sunflowers and lions. She has the wand in her right hand and a sunflower in her left. Her robe is of yellow fabric. On both sides of the Queen’s throne is a carved lion. In the foreground is a black cat, sitting quietly and looking forward.


A father image, one with experience and wisdom, able to master a situation. He is considered the most mature of the court cards, he represents the fully developed personality of each suits. He has full control over the feelings , emotions, thoughts and actions that form parts of his personality. They are stable and solid, the most ideal partner. Kings represent a dominant masculine energy. Kings like to appear as the provider, taking responsibility for others. They signify the growth and maturity of an idea or concept through to completion. Pages conceive ideas, Knights act upon them, Queens nurture the idea and Kings develop those ideas to a well-established state.

The King of Cups –   Kindness, peaceful, content, compassion, in control of emotions, very sensitive to others, a very family oriented individual, he is a man of devotion, humanitarian.

– devotion – kindness – sensitive –

Imagery – This card depicts a peaceful looking King, sat on a throne of grey rock. His throne is in the middle of a turbulent ocean, in his right hand is a cup and he is wearing a fish pendant around his neck. To his right a fish is jumping out the ocean and to his left a ship is sailing. The king remains stable and calm in amongst all the turbulence.

The King of Pentacles – Very good in business and able to give excellent financial advice, stable and not afraid of hard work, healthy, steadfast, prosperous and benevolent, easy going, friendly, generous, thoughtful, industrious.

– steadfast – lucrative – benevolent –

Imagery –  This King sits upon a throne which is decorated with bulls and vines and grapes. His robe is covered with grapevines heavy with grapes. He appears very regal and sophisticated. At his feet and all around him are vines and various herbage. In his right hand is a scepter, and in his left hand is a large pentacle that is a symbol of his wealth. In the background is his home, his castle.

The King of Swords – Intellectual power and curiosity, spiritually enlightened, can give good advice within his element, needs new and exciting ways to stimulate the mind, he always knows the crux of the matter, rational, just and honorable, has a good memory, a good debater.

– intelligent – rational – enlightened –

Imagery – The King of Swords sits upon his throne that is decorated with butterflies, crescent moons and angels. He is holding a large double edged sword in his right hand, while his left hand rests gently upon his lap. This King wears a blue and orange tunic, and a purple cape. He wears a golden crown upon his head. The sky is blue with a few fluffy clouds here and there, and there are two birds soaring high above the clouds. In the background are several majestic trees that are in leaf, at this time.

The King of Wands – He has a goal, planning next move, always moves forward despite any obstacles, a capable leader who loves the outdoors and sports, adores plants, animals and kids, he is enthusiastic for life, optimistic, confident that he can do what ever his heart desires, proud, eager to help.

– enthusiastic- optimistic- entrepreneur –

Imagery –  The King of Wands holds a blossoming wand in his right hand…representing life and creativity. His throne and cape are decorated with lions and salamanders, symbols of fire and strength. The salamander is biting its own tails represent infinity and the ongoing drive to move forward against all obstacles. The Kings robe is bright orange and his golden crown is decorated with patterns in the shape of tongues of fire.


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