Cups – Relationships, Friendship and Feelings. Element: Water.

Ace of Cups –   New beginnings , new relationship in the works, overflow of feelings, a very positive card, something is being offered to you.

– love – beginnings – emotions –

Imagery – The Ace of Cups shows a hand holding a cup or chalice that is bubbling over with five streams of water. The hand appears out of a cloud, and radiating from the hand are rays of light which symbolizes that you must always trust your inner feelings and your heart to lead the way. There is a white dove that is holding a disc or wafer over the chalice. Below the hand is a beautiful blue pond giving life and nourishment to lily pads. This card gives the impression of Divine inspiration 🙂

Two of Cups –   Equality, a bonding of mind and body, sharing, giving and receiving in equal measure, partnerships, romance.

– equality – partnership – sharing –

Imagery – The Two of Cups depicts a man and a woman exchanging golden cups, in what might be a ceremony….the caduceus of Hermes is suspended between them. The caduceus has been used since ancient times as the symbol of physicians and healers and deals with balance, health, duality and the union of opposites. At the top of the caduceus is a lion’s head bearing wings, a symbol of passion and fire energy. They are stood on firm ground. Behind them is a cosy home surrounded by green fields and a few bushy trees. The sky is clear and blue.

Three of Cups –   A happy gathering of friends, a celebration of life and victory, time to improve relationships by coming together and sharing emotionally, find joy in the company of others.

– friendships – party time – tête-à-tête –

Imagery – The Three of Cups is a card of celebration,accomplishment and victory. Three young woman dance in a circle with their golden cups upraised in a toast of joy…they are celebrating life!! Their arms reach out to each other and they connect through their emotions and friendship. They are surrounded by a lush environment of flowers and fruit and ripe grapes. The three woman are all dressed differently and appear to be from different walks of life. Two have wreathes of flowers and fruit in their hair. The sky is clear and blue.

Four of Cups –   Disillusioned, much is offered but nothing satisfies, discontented, and feeling sorrow for yourself and not allowing for the comforting help of others, it’s time to accept the hand of friendship and put your ‘woe be me’ attitude behind you.

– disillusioned – sorrowful – introspection –

Imagery –  In this card a golden cup is being offered from disembodied hand appearing out of a cloud, it looks to be a gift from the Divine. The cup is offered to a youth sitting under a tree, he has his legs and arms crossed as though he has shut himself off from his environment…he is ignoring everything around him. There are also three golden cups in front of him. The surroundings are lush and green and the sky is clear and blue.

Five of Cups–   Crying over spilt milk, too concerned with the past, don’t appreciate what you have in the here and now, it’s time to let go of the past and move on, the future is good.

– regret – bitter – melancholy –

Imagery –  This card shows three cups of spilt wine, and two full and upright cups. A figure is standing looking at the over turned cups but their back is to the upright cups. This person has a black cloak pulled up over his shoulders and over most of his face and he appears to be in despair. To his right is a bridge that leads over the river to a large homestead that is surrounded by lush trees.

Six of Cups –   The simple things of childhood, childhood pleasures, going back to a simpler, happier, more innocent time, reminiscing, the love shared between siblings, someone from your past coming back into your life, spending time with old friends.

– nostalgia – rediscovery – the simple pleasures –

Imagery –  This card shows an old fashioned country home that dominates the scene. There are three people in the card, two children and one adult. There are six cups filled with white, five star/petal flowers. One of the children, the boy, has a cup in hand and is smelling the flower…he is offering the cup to the girl. They are sharing a happy moment together. In the background an adult figure is walking away.

Seven of Cups –   Contemplating your options, too many choices, not sure what you want, all the things you dreamt of but all up in the air/clouds right now, castles in the air, time to decide what you really want and stop dreaming and make it a reality, there are plenty of good things in life to choice from, don’t choose drugs or alcohol to bring short term pleasures.

– choices – opportunities – daydreams –

Imagery –  This card shows seven, golden cups filled with your hearts desires, each contains something different and tempting. But the cups are up in the clouds at this time and just out of reach. There is a figure in the foreground, who is silhouetted, this person is looking at the cups in contemplation…which option to choose and how to make it a reality?

Eight of Cups –   Turning your back on something unpleasant, making a wiser choice, heading for the unknown but you have your intuition to guide you, the waters ahead are calm,you have the inner strength to move on, only you know if the grass is greener on the other side.

– Abandon – intuition – inner strength –

Imagery –  In the foreground are eight very carefully stacked cups, above is a full moon within a crescent moon, beyond are still waters and then land and hills. A man, with his back to us, wearing a red cloak and holding a walking stick is heading out alone, he is heading for the hills.

Nine of Cups –   Satisfaction, emotionally content, you finally got all you wished for, the answer is yes, good luck card, fulfillment and stability, sitting pretty, reaping the rewards of you labor.

– Satisfaction – stability – good-luck –

Imagery – In this card, a portly, middle-aged man sits upon a wooden bench with his arms crossed in contentment. He is dressed in a blue and white striped tunic and wears an expression of true satisfaction on his face. He appears very happy with his lot in life. Behind him is a high, curved table covered with a blue satin cloth. On that table are nine golden cups arranged in a neat row so they can be easily observed by onlookers.

Ten of Cups – Domestic bliss, fulfillment, joy and happiness surround your home and family, strong relationship, reward, completion.

– Reward – fulfillment – family comforts –

Imagery –  In the Ten of Cups we see a loving couple united by the bonds of love, the man has his arm around the woman’s waist and is holding her close. They not only have each other but all that they wish for in life, represented by the two children frolicking at their side. In the background is a small but comfortable home, surrounded by a few trees. A rainbow of cups is overhead, blessing the scene. The happy couple are looking up and holding their arms up to the rainbow. There is a small body of water between them and their home.

Pentacles – Material concerns, Finances, Health. Element : Earth

Ace of Pentacles –   An opportunity fora new start/project regarding finances or health, starting to make headway with finances, gifts given and received, pennies from heaven, opportunities for tremendous growth.

– finances – gifting – opportunities –

Imagery – This card shows a large golden coin…held in the sky by a hand that appears out of cloud. It appears to be a Divine gift. Below is a beautiful garden of white flowers. A path leads through the garden and through a green archway and into the mountains beyond. Rays of light are emanating from the golden pentacle.

Two of Pentacles –   Knowing and understanding finances and health, ability to multi-task, the juggling of money matters may be required, maintain balance in the midst of change, learn to prioritize, fluctuating.

– multitasking – balancing – adaptable –

Imagery – This card shows choppy seas containing two ships…bobbing on the surface. In the foreground a man is juggling two large golden pentacles. The infinity sign loops around the two pentacles. This man is standing on firm ground on the shoreline, the sea is behind him. He appears to be doing a jig 🙂

Three of Pentacles –   Pride in your work or hobby, money for your talents, improving or creating, dedication, work in progress…already achieved lots but still a ways to go, recognition for skills, receiving approval.

– talents – recognition – progress –

Imagery – This card depicts a man, who is stood on a wooden bench, he has a hammer and chisel in his hands and is working on a church building or maybe a cathedral. He is doing some kind of stone work, it’s a job that he loves and brings him great satisfaction. There are two other people in the card, one is a monk and the other is dressed in orange (possibly a nun) and she is holding the plans to the building. All three appear to be in deep conversation about the job at hand.

Four of Pentacles –   Hanging on to your money, stable finances but money is the most important thing right now, not sharing, materialistic, a fear of loosing what you have, stagnate, if you want to move forward you need to loosen your grip on material things.

– miser – materialism – dormant –

Imagery – In the Four of Pentacles Card is a man sitting on a stone vault. He is away from home, the township he belongs to is now behind him in the distance. He has four large gold coins, one he is balancing on his head, two more are beneath his feet and the last one he is clutching in both hands. He can’t go anywhere because of the way he is holding his money. Even though he has all this gold he still looks absolutely miserable.

Five of Pentacles –   Out in the cold, poverty, ignoring help, lost in your own misery… poor health/misfortune, missed opportunities, dealing with challenges regarding health or finances but there is help at hand.

– misfortune – challenges – inadequacy –

Imagery –  The Five of Pentacles, like the fives in the other suits, portrays a situation of adversity. In this card, two bedraggled souls are out in the snow, not looking at the light in the church which probably indicates help at hand. The man uses crutches because of his crippled leg and the woman attempts to cover herself with her threadbare shawl, while walking barefoot. Both appear to be living in poverty and with little or no possessions.

Six of Pentacles – The joy in giving, philanthropist, generosity rewarded, charity, compassion, choosing between right and wrong with regards finances including paying back your debts, give what is fair and receive what is due.

– generosity – philanthropist – good-fortune –

Imagery – In this card there is a richly dressed man who is giving away coins with his right hand and holding scales in the other hand. Two poorly dressed individuals are receiving the gifts of coins. They are on their knees, in a beseeching manner. In the background are trees and a castle. There are six pentacles in the sky around the rich man’s head.

Seven of Pentacles – Hard work, long term business plans, your direction in life, wanting to throw in the towel because hard work is hard work but stick with it and it will bring financial rewards later on, maybe time to evaluate your financial/health options.

– prudence – endurance – accumulation –

Imagery – A young man is out working in the fields, he is resting on his hoe reflecting on his long days work, reflecting on his handiwork. He is looking at the plants he has cultivated, they appear to be some kind of climbing plants. The young man looks a little weary after his days labor.

Eight of Pentacles – Pleasure in your work or hobby, the more you practice…the better you will become, a quick study, busy and content, productivity with financial benefits, still developing your skills, having the inner strength in your finances and health.

– productivity – craftsmanship – continuing education –

Imagery – The Eight of Pentacles shows a young man laboring over eight pentacles. He has already successfully completed six coins, and has two more to go. This project is absorbing all his attention. He has isolated himself from others, so that he can concentrate on his job. He is sitting on a wooden bench and is using a hammer and chisel to shape the pentacles. There is a town in the background.

Nine of Pentacles – Financial stability, fulfilled, harvest, rich bounty of the earth, enjoying the fruits of the earth, financially independent, you have planned well and now you have all you need, achievement.

– independent – fulfillment – success –

Imagery – This card depicts a mature woman in a garden, surrounded by the fruits of the vine. There is a beautiful castle/home in the background. This woman looks very contended and at peace with herself. She is dressed in the finest of clothes and she is holding a rare bird on her left hand. The overall scene is one of serenity!

Ten of Pentacles – A financially stable family who are very content with their lot in life, security, family stability, financial success, stable times ahead for you and your.

– stability – security – health/wealth –

Imagery – This card is one of family happiness. It shows a multi-generational family all looking joyous and content, even the family pets appear happy. The card depicts an elderly man sitting comfortably in the foreground. He is surrounded by his family and his dogs and wears a rich robe decorated with images of grapevines and crescent moons. Behind him is a happy couple under an archway that leads to their home. A young boy reaches playfully to pet one of the dogs.

Wands – Action, Energy, Career, The Games of Life, Social life. Element : Fire

Ace of Wands –   Spring into life, great new beginnings, new energy, renewed courage and ready to face a new day. Could be a new job or career change, a new study course and energy abounds! Seeds of change. Lots of ambition and motivation to get started.

– energy – renewed – new opportunities –

Imagery –  This card shows a wand that is covered in new green leaves, it is being held in the sky by a right hand that is protruding out of a cloud. In the background is a castle on a green hill, and beyond that are the mountains. A meandering river cuts across the countryside. A few trees grow along the edge of the river.

Two of Wands –   To know and understand your job, career. He has the world in his hands, change dreams into reality, own your own passion and dreams and make them come true, you need to believe in yourself, it is all within reach.

– potential – groundwork – foundation –

Imagery – The man in the Two of Wands is holding a small world globe in his right hand. He stands on the roof of a castle, looking out over a vast fertile landscape to the right and the ocean to the left. He is standing on a firm foundation, and the sky ahead is clear. He is ready to expand his horizons. He is contemplating his future…he understands his ambition and knows what must be done.

Three of Wands –   Improving or creating, waiting for profits, new successes and inspirations bring profit and success, trade and bargaining on the horizon, long term plans, waiting for your ships to come in.

– achievement – partnerships – profits –

Imagery –  This card shows a yellow sky, and a still yellow sea. There are three ships sailing in the waters. In the foreground is a man watching the boats from a cliff, he has his back turned so we can not see his face. He has three firmly placed wands beside him.

Four of Wands –   Work done and foundation is laid so time to take a break and celebrate and congratulate, content and reward, fulfillment of your ideas, exhilaration, taking a breather before continuing your journey.

– celebrate – congratulate – respite –

Imagery – Two females are outside of the castle walls, they are both holding flowers up to heavens in great joy and celebration. In the foreground are four wands adorned with a large garland of flowers and fruit. The overall color of the card is yellow, the color of joy and sunshine.

 Five of Wands –   Dealing with challenges and hassles, maybe confrontations at work, make or break point, conflict of ideas, no real violence but conflict of ideas, turmoil, in need of a leader to take control, and there is definite confusion, need clarity before making a decision.

– disorganization- turmoil – conflict –

Imagery – This card depicts five individual men, wrestling each other with their wands. There is no real violence in this scene just turmoil and conflict. Each individual is wanting their opinion to be heard but no one listening. These men are atop of a grassy knoll on a clear and sunny day.

Six of Wands –   We have a victor, lead and they will follow, approval from others, emphasis on recognition and endorsement, victory by doing the right thing..maybe at work, use your energy in the right direction and it will pay off, be bold and courageous. The calm after the storm.

– recognition – endorsement – victory –

Imagery – The Six of Wands shows a man wearing a victory wreath upon his head, he is riding a beautiful white horse through a crowd of cheering people. The white horse represents strength. The wand held by the victor also has a laurel wreath tied to it, further emphasizing success and achievement. His white horse is wearing a long green cape.

Seven of Wands –   This is the card of the underdog that is not going to give up, holding your own, strength and stamina, rivalry, you do have the best ideas right now and you are willing to defend them, stay on top of things, fight your way clear and don’t give up.

– rivalry – stamina – determination –

Imagery –  One man is stood on a grassy knoll and he’s being challenged by six unknown assailants. The man is standing his ground and looking very determined, his feet are wide apart giving him a good base of support. He is wearing two different shoes, suggesting that he may be a little eccentric and/or his beliefs are a tad unorthodox 🙂

Eight of Wands –   Having inner strength, the pace of change is speeding up so don’t get left behinds, movement in the right direction, progress, you’re in for a ride, making progress, swift communication.

– movement – progress – communication –

Imagery – The Eight of Wands shows eight budding wands hurtling through the air at a great pace, all traveling in the same direction from left to right and from top to bottom. This suggests change, movement and/or travel. In the background is lush herbage and green grass. The landscape is dotted with trees. On a small hill in the distance is a home and in the foreground is a river. And the sky is clear and blue.

Nine of Wands –   On guard, watchful, defending what you have achieved, need for strength at this time, you do not trust anyone, determined in the face of adversity.

– watchful – guarding – distrust –

Imagery – The Nine of Wands shows a tired, injured man who holds a wand as though in a posture of defense. He is standing in front of eight wands that are forming a fence behind him. His head is bandaged from a previous injury and battle. He has fought this battle and won. He appears exhausted but determined on victory. He is ready to go to combat again if necessary. He stands up for what he believes in and holds firm in those beliefs and is always watchful.

Ten of Wands –   Heavy burden but the end is in sight, probably feeling burnt out at this point but the pressure will soon ease, home comforts just around the corner, don’t give up now, the sun is rising on a new day. You could always ask for help with your burden, that is an option!

-burdened – responsibility – capable –

Imagery – The Ten of Wands shows a man carrying a very heavy bundle of wands or sticks. He appears to be over-burdened with the weight, yet he knows he is not far from home now, not far from his destination. He is carrying the bundle in front of him, and so obscuring him vision…can he really see where he is going? He is not using proper body mechanics and so the burden is putting a great strain on his back. He needs to stop for a moment and readjust the bundle and carry it is a more efficient manner.

Swords – Thoughts, Ideas, Belief Systems, Intellectual. Element : Air

Ace of Swords –   Intellectual break-though, a new start or project involving your thoughts or beliefs, forward thinking and focus will lead to victory, clear headedness, strength.

– Intellect – attainment – lucid –

Imagery – The Ace of Swords shows a hand, appearing out of a cloud in the sky, holding an upright sword, symbolic of the mind and the intellect. At the tip of the sword is a golden crown, and two strands of foliage are hanging from the crown…indicating success and victory, and mental clarity. The sky is clear and white and mountain ranges are located beneath.

Two of Swords –   Not wanting to know or understand your problems, things are at a standstill, fear of the unknown, indecision, a need for guidance at this time, use your intuition, “ignorance is bliss” attitude, not able to move forward until you take the blindfold off.

– stalemate – indecision – fear of unknown –

Imagery – This card depicts a young, blindfolded woman, she is sitting on a stone seat by the sea. Her back is to the sea and she is holding two swords, that are perfectly balanced. She could remove the blindfold if she wished (the blindfold is loose and her hands are not bound) but chooses not to. There is a crescent moon in the sky.

Three of Swords –   Time for sorrow and grief, betrayal, the heart heals with time, suffering of the heart, maybe a third person in the problem, loss.

– betrayal – upheaval – grief –

Imagery – The Three of Swords is very simply illustrated card with a difficult message. There is a bright red heart, that is suspended in the air. This heart is pierced by three swords. The heart is symbolic of emotion. The sky is heavily clouded and rain pours down torrentially.

Four of Swords –   A time to rest and recuperate, relax and meditate, take a step back and re-evaluate before continuing on.

– recuperate – contemplate – regroup –

Imagery – This card depicts a man (a knight) laying on a tomb, he is resting and appears to be praying. Behind him is a stained glass window of a woman and child. The stained glass window indicates that this is a church of some kind. Beneath the knight is a sword, and three more are hanging, vertical, on the wall by the window.

Five of Swords –   Spoiling for a fight, bullying tactics, dealing with challenges, gloating over winning, don’t be cruel when dealing with others, a victory without peace or winning a battle unfairly, a real meanie.

– challenges – bullying – pretentious –

Imagery –  In this Five of Swords card is a young man, a victor, who has a very smug look on his face while he stares at his two conquered enemies. He has three swords in his possession. The two other figures in the card are walking away hanging their heads low. This scene is taking place by the sea on a partially cloudy day. Two more swords are laying on the ground, so the victor now possesses all five swords.

Six of Swords –   Moving away from strife, calm waters ahead, relief after a struggle, solace, present difficulties will end, safe passage, harmony will prevail, move away from problems.

– relief – solace – alleviation –

Imagery – This card shows a woman and a child in a boat, the woman is wrapped in a blanket with her head covered, they are both facing away so their faces cannot be seen. Six swords are standing upright in the front of the boat. A man is propelling the boat across the water using a punting pole. They are moving from turbulent waters to calm waters.

Seven of Swords  – Sneaky, troubled past, greed, unwise actions, trouble brewing, mentally creating your own problems, an underhanded action, warning card…stop, look and listen.

– sneaky – evasive – dubious –

Imagery – The Seven of Swords shows a man sneaking away from a colorful camp with a bundle of five swords in his arms, it appears that these are not his to take. Two other swords remain planted in the ground just behind him. His expression exhibits a sense of over-confidence and mocking, he is definitely being sneaky about something! However, in the distance a small group of men can be seen to the left of the thief, and one of them holds a sword upraised. The thief has been found out!

Eight of Swords –   Creating your own prison, self imposed restrictions, inability to see the truth, feeling trapped in a situation but it is easy to set yourself free, desolation.

– desolation – trapped – restrictions –

Imagery – This card shows a woman loosely bound and blindfolded, standing in partially damp landscape. She is dressed in orange. She is surrounded by swords that are stuck in the ground. A castle is situated, in the background, on a rocky, craggy hill.

Nine of Swords –  Overwhelmed, depressed, suffering, the darkest hour before dawn, regrets coming home to roost, loosing sleep due to worry, crisis period, waking up in fear.

– regret – suffering – overwhelmed –

Imagery – This card shows a person in bed, it’s the wee hours of the night, he/she suddenly sit bolt upright and clutch their head in despair. Nine swords hang on the wall, horizontally, by the bed. The quilt on the bed is yellow and blue and decorated with roses.

Ten of Swords – It’s finally over, resistance is futile, end of cycle with brighter things ahead, the situation is dead, a new day dawning, an end to something with major changes on the way, stabbed in the back, over thinking something, anxiety.

– closure – endings – betrayal –

Imagery – This card is a little depressing. A man is laid on the beach next to the sea, face down, bleeding, with nine swords in his back. He is dressed in red and orange. In the background are mountains. The sky is black but a new day in dawning and the horizon is turning yellow with the sunrise.


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